My Time As A Tour Photographer

2019 was a year full of surprises. I woke up to what seemed like a completely normal day. Around 12 in the afternoon my phone started ringing. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t answer. A few minutes later there was voicemail on my phone so curious I picked up the phone and played the message. It was a photographer that I had met a few week’s previously. I met him at his studio in downtown Nashville to get some advice on growing as a photographer. In his voice message he said that he had an opportunity for me and when I had time asked me to call him back. I instantly called him back and he proceeded to  asked me if I liked to travel. I said “absolutely” he said “how would you like to go on tour with Brad Paisley”? Shocked I said “I would love that”. We talked for a few minutes and he said Brad’s manager would be in touch with me. About two weeks later I spoke with Brad’s manager and he asked if I  would like to go to Texas with them on Thursday which was two days from that moment! In an excited, scared and shocked state I said “Yes!”. Two days later I hopped on a tour bus with a bunch of random strangers and drove to Texas where I took a bunch of photos. The one that caught Brad and his manager’s eye was this image. 

Shortly after getting back to Nashville I was officially hired to be Brad’s photographer. For the next nine months I got the opportunity to travel the world taking photos of the tour. Thousands miles and photos later I am left with memories I will never forget. It just goes to show the power of getting outside of your comfort zone to meet people and learn to say “yes”! You never know what’s on the other side of your fear. 

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